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Your Success Story

A This spot is reserved for YOUR ADOPTED PITTIE!


Visit our Adoptables page to see who you can make a SUCCESS STORY!


We need great adopters just like you to continue this wonderful mission.


You can contact us about our NEW "Foster to Adopt" Program created to help you find your perfect pittie and our pitties find their perfect home!


See my Success Story soon!  I have been adopted!


Craigslist, ugh.... we rescues see it every day.  A dog posted as "Free to a good home."  This was how Brody first began his journey to his wonderful FOREVER home.  Thankfully, someone who knew the fate that could await Brody took action and brought him into her home.  She then contacted us.  Luckily we were able to help in this situation.  While we can't always help, in this case, it worked out.  Brody passed his assessment with flying colors, and the woman who had saved him from a possible bad fate was able to foster this loverboy until a forever home was found.


Why do we hate seeing "Free to good home" postings?  Because many times the wrong people will con the owner into thinking they are a great home, but in reality they may have bad motives.  Remember that dog fighting  is a huge issue in Indiana and many, if not all, other states.  Regardless of breed, free to good home dogs can find themselves the victim of being used as bait dogs for fighting rings.  The other new big scare is "Dog Flipping."  People will take a "free to good home" listed dog and then re-post them for a fee and then sell the dog to the first person willing to pay the purchase fee.


Thankfully Brody did not have to chance this fate.  He has been placed in a wonderful home and will live out the rest of his life as a spoiled inside dog. 


We urge anyone who is looking to re-home their dog to reach out to a reputable rescue for proper placement.  Not everyone looking to adopt or purchase a dog on Craigslist is bad.  There are plenty of people who have good intentions.  However, we reputable rescues believe that the risk is simply too great.  If you need help with ANY breed of dog (or cat, or pocket pet) contact us and we can direct you to a reputable resuce that would be a better bet for the proper placement of your pet.


Have you ever heard of a "pocket pittie"?  That is exactly what sweet Leia is!  A sweet girl that full grown is only 40 little pounds!  Leia is a complete doll-baby and shares her "fur"-ever home with another pitbull brother listed below.  "Vader" and "Leia" are best of friends and are both what we call "foster failures". 


Leia was a transfer from a local shelter.  She was found as a stray and after no one came to claim this beautiful and sweet gal FWPBC was contacted to take her in. 


Poor Leia was scared to death of other dogs and acted out by barking and jumping at them.  Within just a few days, Leia learned that other dogs were not so scary.  She now absolutely loves to play with other dogs and meets new doggie friends regularly. 


Leia is a great example of a dog that was able to overcome some basic fear issues.  If you or someone you know is having behavior issues with a dog in the home, please contact us or a trainer near you to work with the pet.  Most times the behavior stems from something that can be corrected.


Leia is happy in her new home and will be a loved part of her forever foster failure family.


Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition was asked to help, and we responded. 


How could we not? 


"Kane" is his new name and his new family LOVES him.  However, when we were approached,  "Kane" had a different name, and wasn't loved by many.  He was a typical pit bull in need.  An owner who had fallen in love with an 8 week old puppy found themselves in a different world with a 6 month old playful and rambunctuous teenager.  They no longer had the time or patience for his sweet antics, and so, he was taken in by FWPBC. 


Even though we are NOT A RESCUE, we had a willing member who opened her home while we found "Kane" the perfect forever home. 


Now, Kane is a happy go lucky boy with a boxer sister living a life of doggie luxury! He lives with a beautiful human sister, Yes! a child with a Pit Bull!!!, and they play and sleep together every day.


The point of Kane's story?


1. Raise awareness - Pit Bulls are family members


2. Pit Bulls have ENERGY, and need to have owners aware of that inevitable truth


3. We are here to help when and where we can, although NOT A RESCUE, we do step up when we can.  We by no means are always able to help in this type of situation, but we are here to help you KEEP your pet, help you FIND THE RIGHT PIT BULL FOR YOU, and show the world that PIT BULLS ARE A PART OF OUR FAMILIES, AND CAN BE A PART OF THEIRS.


See my Success Story soon!  I have been adopted!


Sweet Kayna was abandoned by her owners at a Fort Wayne veterinary clinic.  Luckily she found herself at a vet clinic that was worried about what may happen to her.  The clinic contacted Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition to ask for help, and of course, we answered that call for help.  Ms. Kayna had already been at the clinic for over six weeks, so we knew it was important to get her into a foster home quickly.  Living out of a kennel is so rough on dogs and we didn't want to see this sweet baby suffer.  However, we didn't have an available foster.

It was then that we met a wonderful and caring woman named Rachel who immediately came to meet Kayna and provided her with an amazing foster home.  If not for Rachel, and Foster Families like her family, we would not be able to save the lives of these wonderful dogs.

Kayna is now in a wonderful forever home with a family that loves her unconditionally.  She shares her home with a kitty friend, and loves to cuddle on the couch.


A message came in from a concerned citizien about a 12 year old pitbull that was left abanded in a home after the owner passed away.  Unfortunately the family did not want him. He was left in this abandoned home without human interaction, food, or water, and no way to be let outside to potty. 


When FWPBC arrived on the scene the home was a mess. Daddy was so skinny that every rib on his little body was showing. He had no hair on his back from flea dermatitis, a tumor on his testicles and was very tired.  He was taken to the vet and found to weigh only 40 pounds. Through love, exercise, proper diet and a warm bed to lay in Daddy started to gain weight.  We had him neutered and had the tumor removed, his hair started growing back and he started show signs of happiness.


He is now a healthy, happy dog at 61 pounds.  He runs around the house and the yard, he smiles and enjoys life with his new family.  His foster family fell in love with him and he became a foster failure.  Finding his forever home right there with his foster parents.  Daddy is a very laid back and easy going boy. He loves to hang out with his human dad and eat his treats. He snores very loudly and is a very happy boy. The Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition helped Daddy claim a new life. 


A call came in from the Allen County SPCA about a puppy that a concerned citizen was trying to drop off there at the shelter.  However, the age of the puppy and the lack of available space at the shelter made it impossible for the ACSPCA to take this sweet baby.  So the Executive Director called our President for help.


This little 3 week old Pit Bull was found abandoned on the side of Rudisill Blvd in a busy section of Fort Wayne.  With no teeth, we knew he would need to be bottle fed and would take a lot of work if he was to survive.  Our President decided to take him on as a foster.  It was touch and go at first as this frail baby ate his heart out to gain strength.  By the end of the second week, it looked as if this baby would make it and arrangements were made for him to go to a foster once off the bottle.


Little did anyone know that the President's husband had made other plans for this little puppy he now called Vader.  Vader wasn't going anywhere, he was adopted by the President and her husband and now shares a home with his Yorkie brother "Tucker", Schnauzer sister "Izzie", and Great Pyreneese brother "Wilbur".


His full name, "Vader Anakin Skywalker Close".  Yes, the President's husband is a bit of a Star Wars Fan.  Vader is now a registered Canine Good Citizen and reminds us that even from a bad beginning, good things can happen.


Our first unofficial, official rescue since we aren't a rescue, yet.  Roxy was abandoned at a home for a week before FWPBC was alerted. 


After she was rescued from her abandonment in the middle of the summer, it was found she was pregnant.  On top of this, she was also heartworm positive.  Not only had we taken on a dog we had little to no resources to help, we now knew she needed help with her heartworm and she would soon be bringing us even more pit bulls in need of new homes, vaccines, spay/neuter, and microchipping. 


Roxy turned out to be a fantastic girl and one of our board members decided to adopt her after her long foster of her and her 9 puppies.  All 9 puppies found wonderful homes after having their vaccines, being microchipped and of course being spayed and neutered so to not bring any more unwanted litters into the world. 


Over population is a major issue facing pit bulls.  They have become the number one breed in our area being over-bred, and therefore the number one breed being euthanized.  We are major supporters of spay and neuter and believe it is a part of being a responsible pet owner.


Lady is a fantastic example of a pit bull that just needed a chance in a forever home.  Again, Lady came to us at a time where we just simply could not say no.


A sweet and young girl that had been passed through a couple of homes already, she remained happy and her personality was fantastic.  Surely she would be easy to place in a home. 


Unfortunately we learned with Lady that even the sweetest pit bull who had been through training and had no real behavior issues could take us a long time to place, and to place permanently.


Lady was placed in a home with a man who deeply cared for her, however in an unfortunate series of events, the man lost his job and could no longer care for Lady.


Lady was back with FWPBC yet again.  Luckily, Lady has since been placed in a wonderful home who loves her deeply.


The story of Lady is important because it has shown us the importance of spay and neuter yet again.  There are so few homes available for all the wonderful pit bulls that need homes that even a dog as wonderful as Lady took almost a year to place in a home.


We emplore our followers and supporters to spay and neuter their pets as well as support spay and neuter efforts through the Spay and Neuter Services of Indiana (SNSI) by purchasing their spay and neuter license plates.

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