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Register to be a Pit Bull Pal

Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition


We need you!  When you become a PIT BULL PAL, you are making a profound difference in the lives of Pit Bulls in our community.


Only with your support, can we provide the care we do to the wonderful, loving, amazing pit bulls who depend on our help.  These amazing pets need us to come to their rescue and only YOU can make this happen.  Only YOU can ensure our continued work supporting this wonderful breed of dog.


When a pit bull comes to FWPBC, it is that dog’s lucky day!  Many come to us scared, underweight, unwanted, and in need of medical attention.  Our lucky dogs are showered with love and caring as soon as they come into our program.  Veterinary care that is needed is sought immediately.  The dogs are bathed, groomed, put on a feeding program to ensure a healthy weight is achieved, heartworm tested, and placed on monthly heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.


Did you know that on average we spend $500 per rescued dog to prepare them for adoption?   Pit Bull Pals like you make that possible.


Every penny counts. We respect your donation and use each dollar wisely. Your donations are the reason we can do what we do and is the only money we can count on  to sustain our lifesaving mission.


Please join us by clicking the “Become a Pit Bull Pal” button below. Choose the level that works for you (minimum $10 a month), and your credit card will be automatically billed for that amount each month.

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Thank you for registering to be a Pit Bull Pal, a receipt will be emailed to you monthly

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