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Hello FWPBC Faithful!!!

Thank you!!! You did it!!!

We asked, and you responded!! We were informed Friday that we finished 2nd place in the Allen County portion of Beacon Credit Union's Project Spotlight!! There were plenty of very fine organizations to choose from there.

We will receive $500 for our rescue from Beacon Credit Union!!

Thanks to everyone that voted every single day in July, and shared to spread the word to others. You proved once again to us how blessed we are to have the most awesome dedicated followers that anyone could hope for!!


Beacon Credit Union Project Spotlight 2022

The Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition is honored to have been nominated this year for Beacon Credit Union's community support program  - Project Spotlight! 


Project Spotlight is a charitable giving campaign that allows the community to vote on the local charities they feel deserve financial support.


Only with your support, can we provide the care we do to the wonderful, loving, amazing pit bulls who depend on our help.  These amazing pets need us to come to their rescue and only YOU can make this happen.  Only YOU can ensure our continued work supporting this wonderful breed of dog.


When a pit bull comes to FWPBC, it is that dog’s lucky day!  Many come to us scared, underweight, unwanted, and in need of medical attention.  Our lucky dogs are showered with love and caring as soon as they come into our program.  Veterinary care that is needed is sought immediately.  The dogs are bathed, groomed, put on a feeding program to ensure a healthy weight is achieved, heartworm tested, and placed on monthly heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.

Beacon CU will be awarding 3 charitable organizations in EACH of their 13 communities in which they have a member center location. At the end of voting, the project in EACH community receiving the most votes will win $1000 of funding from Beacon Credit Union. The second place winner in EACH community will receive $500 in funding, and a third place winner will be randomly drawn in EACH community to receive $250 funding.

We need you!  The rewards will be given based on vote totals by you, our community!!


Voting: July 1, 2022 through July 31 2022

Voting will take place both online and in person in the Beacon Credit Union member centers. Voting is open to everyone, members and non-members!  FWPBC has always had tremendous community support!  You are the best supporters a group could hope for!!  Here is another fantastic opportunity to show it!  Let's put FWPBC over the top!


One vote per day, per community, per person is allowed, so each person we engage can vote 31 times!!  So bookmark this page, copy our QR code, or use whatever method you prefer to come back and vote every day in July!!


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