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The FWPBC Board of Directors


The Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition Board of Directors is made up of amazing individuals who dedicate their time and lives to the mission and success of the FWPBC.  Board Positions are not paid, and everyone on this page volunteers all of their time.  We are very lucky to have individuals from all types of backgrounds and interests. One of those interests is, of course, supporting the furtherance of the pit bull mission.  Education, spay and neuter, and rescue are all at the center of our hearts.

Heather Martz

Heather has been a Board Member since 2020. She is a Former Customer Service Team Leader at Heritage Parts, and was a Lead Coordinator for Volunteer Center Fort Wayne. In those roles the key attributes were acting as a Leader.


As President, Heather is the definition of a leader. She works tirelessly to keep our operation running smoothly. She attacks issues head on, and respects everyone's input. Her can-do attitude is contagious. She leads by example, but she empowers others to contribute as well. She is also a master juggler, keeping so many balls in the air!


Heather is in charge of Intake for our adoption program, marketing, and public relations. And, as you can imagine as President, many, many other tasks too numerous to mention.

Amy Dini

Amy has been a Board Member since 2022. Amy is the Owner/Operator of multiple successful Photography businesses. As a successful small business owner, she has seen many issues, knows how to prioritize and manage things, and how to do things on her own, rather than relying on some big organization to provide. She has seen and done it all.


She works very well with people, understanding their wants and needs, and applying that to providing great service to her customers. Those skills translate extremely well to Animal Welfare as well.


Amy has to be quite the logistics expert as she coordinates the Fosters and incoming and outgoing dogs. She helps with every other aspect of rescue and applies her amazing skills on an everyday basis.

Rob Snyder

Rob has been a Board member since 2015. Has was an Engineer for 27 years, and still has that mindset applied to Animal Welfare.


He has worked/volunteered at the following Local Animal Organizations: FWPBC, FWACC, HOPE for Animals, ACSPCA, and the following National Organizations: HSUS, HPAB. Certifications include CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, and Fear Free Shelter. He has worked with shelter animals, South Korean Meat Dogs, Pit Bull Fight Dogs, Great Danes Hoarding Case, and Feral  dogs in far away places (Roatan, Chernobyl, Puerto Rico). 

Laura Crockett

Laura has been a Board Member since 2015. She is a long time employee of Lutheran Hospital. In the medical field, Laura knows what it's like to be in critical infrastructure. Many of those attributes translate very well to animal welfare.


Her amazing attention to details serves us extremely well as our treasurer. She helps us to be as responsible as possible with our finances. If you are donating or otherwise supporting our organization, rest assured that Laura is getting the most bang for your buck. 


Laura also coordinates major events for us. Another one of her tasks is designing some of the fantastic merchandise that you may enjoy, and that has helped to make our brand so well known.

Taylor Young

Taylor has been a Board Member since 2023. She has been a volunteer since 2022 and immediately became an incredible contributor. She has shown the willingness and ability to  jump in and do what needs doing.


Taylor has her own small business, Blue Door Creations, where she makes blankets and pet beds.She's been a vendor at the YLNI Farmers Market since 2021 and is a co-manager at a boutique.


10 years of customer service experience allows her to communicate effectively, complete tasks efficiently, and brainstorm ideas as needed. All these things make her a great asset in the field of animal welfare. Her great attitude, energy and infectious enthusiasm are also exactly what is needed. She is learning the ropes to assist and run FWPBC Events as well as various other tasks that help the organization run smoothly.

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