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The FWPBC Board of Directors


The Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition Board of Directors is made up of amazing individuals who dedicate their time and lives to the mission and success of the FWPBC.  Board Positions are not paid, and everyone on this page volunteers all of their time.  We are very lucky to have individuals from all types of backgrounds and interests, one of those interests is, of course, supporting the furtherance of the pit bull mission.  Education, spay and neuter, and rescue are all at the center of our hearts.

Megan Reynolds

Megan is in charge of Intake for our adoption program, marketing, and public relations.

Rob Snyder

In addition to being the secretary, Rob is our photographer, our main grant guy, our computer expert, and the guy who is always there to help in any way possible. He also helps with intake at the shelter, meet and greets, and new dog  assessments.

Kendall Bertholf

Kendall is an expert in Events and fundraising, and has helped set up and coordinate some of our major events. She also coordinates volunteers to cover all of the activities that our wonderful volunteers help with.

Missy North

Missy has a lot of experience dealing with dogs on an everyday basis. She helps with intake and getting dogs out of the shelter, as well as meet and greets, and lots more in helping dogs socialize and become great adoptable pets. She also greets potential adopters with initial contacts.

Heather Pepple

Heather has to be quite the logistics expert as she coordinates the Fosters and incoming and outgoing dogs.She helps with every other aspect of rescue and applies her amazing skills on an everyday basis.

Laura Crockett

Laura is our treasurer and she has some other responsibilities as well. She is one of (we need several, as we have really grown) our amazing foster coordinators. If you are interested in fostering, contact Laura to find out how you can help!  Laura also coordinates major events for us.

Laura Callow

Laura Callow is in charge of the Adoptions team. She directs the process of matching applicants with their perfectly suited adoptables, and makes the magic happen.

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